Why do you need eight happy-hour sleep every night?

Why do you need eight happy-hour sleep every night?

Why do you need eight happy-hour sleep every night?

Why do you need eight happy-hour sleep every night?

Just like the body needs a well-balanced diet, essential nutrients, water, and regular exercise, it requires 8 hours of peaceful slumber to feel recharged and rejuvenated. If you fail to obtain at least eight hours of sleep, you will find your body overworked, fatigued and exhausted, along with difficulties and challenges in performing some of the most basic bodily functions.

Let’s take a detailed look at why your body requires eight hours of happy sleep each night:


Sleep Regulates the Appetite

Lack of sufficient sleep tends to increase the energy requirements of the body, causing you to crave more and more calories. When we sleep, the movement is reduced, along with the need for consuming calories. However, when the body is sleep deprived, the brain releases chemicals that signal the brain to increase appetite. This causes you to eat more and more, leading to weight gain and obesity, and this can further contribute to an increased risk of diabetes type 2 by increasing your body mass index and blood sugar levels.

Sleep aids in boosting the Immune System

Getting eight hours of peaceful slumber aid the brain in retaining and sharpening your focus, along with protecting and boosting your memory retention capabilities. Researchers reveal that getting a good night’s sleep after learning or studying can aid in boosting memory retention, along with undermining the distractions and interferences that occur from external factors.


Sleeps aids in Sharpening the Memory

When your body gets sufficient amounts of sleep, the immune system is strengthened and it released cytokines, a compound that positively impacts the immune system. Basically, it aids the immune system in effectively fighting off infections and inflammation. Moreover, if you are constantly sleep deprived, your body will fail to produce sufficient levels of cytokines to prevent the attacks of ailments and infections.

Moreover, sleep deprivation puts you at risk of increased inflammatory substances within the body, which are associated with the spread of allergies and asthma. Long-term sleep deprivation can cripple the immune system, rendering it incapable of defending the body.

Sleep Deprivation leads to countless disease

People who are consistently and persistently sleep deprived tend to fall prey to numerous ailments and psychological imbalances. They find it hard to retain and interpret information since the neurons in their brains are exhaustion and fatigued, leading to increased irritability, memory retention problems and impaired sense of judgment. Lack of sleep can also contribute to several chronic health ailments, such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and obstructive sleep apnea.

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