Why do pillows turn brown over time?

Why do pillows turn brown over time?

Why do pillows turn brown over time? What causes it, can it be prevented?

After a prolonged period of using the same pillows, they tend to take a mysterious brown color, which is often yellow for some. This change of color begs the question, what happened to the crisp white color of the pillow you bought ages ago?

In this article, we will explore the reasons why pillows tend to turn brown over time and how it can be prevented.

Let’s take a look at why pillows turn brown over time:


We sweat during sleep, and we don’t realize it, which is entirely reasonable. Many people sweat excessively due to certain medical conditions, but typically, it is the body’s way of regulating its temperature. However, over time, the sweat and body oils get soaked up into the pillow. And when the sweat dries up, it changes the color of the pillow due to a substance present in the sweat, termed as urea.

Sleep Drooling

Drooling is one of the biggest reason for pillow discoloration. If you check the pillow carefully, you will be able to identify the dried stains of your drool. These stains look like brown spots, and if you drool excessively, you will find them everywhere.

Wet Hair

Many people have a habit of showering before sleeping; however, a wet pillow causes moisture to seep within your skin, leading to eventual discoloration. The humidity sucks in all the dirt and dust on your pillow, leading to permanent brown stains.

The Residue of Beauty Products

Most woman and men have a nighttime skincare routine consisting of moisturizers, lotions or toners, and these products always leave residue on the pillow. Some women have a habit of jumping straight into bed without removing their makeup after a long night out. Naturally, the pillow is going to absorb all that foundation, bronzer and highlighter, leading to discoloration.

Yellow or brown stains on pillow and pillowcases, how to remove them

Even if you cannot stop any of these regular habits, you can always give your pillow a gentle wash after five or six months. Getting a pillowcase and covers that can be regularly changed and washed is another excellent strategy.

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