How to sleep like a baby, rested and peaceful

How to Sleep Like a Baby, Rested and Peaceful

How to sleep like a baby, rested and peaceful1 in 3 Americans isn't getting enough sleep, according to scientists. The reality is, our busy lives make it nearly impossible to get the amount of rest needed. From running to and from soccer, to the job site, and running errands, there seems to be little time just to take a time out.Before all the stress and back and forth of daily life, we all slept like babies. No worries, we [...]

7 Habits Successful Women good night sleep

7 Habits of Successful Women for a Good Night’s Sleep

7 Habits of Successful Women for a Good Night’s Sleep Successful people are driven by a desire to be the best at whatever they do. However, functioning at an optimal level is crucial to making the most out of your goals and work schedule. Successful women know this and use it as a guide for their entire life.If you’re trying to rearrange your life to get on track to be your best version—and to be successful—one of the most important aspects [...]

Risk problems with old pillows

What are the risk problems with your old pillows?

The last thing you probably think about is the risk of using an old pillow each and every night. You’re far from alone. The reality is, old pillows cause a series of problems and risks that you are likely unaware of.One of the most common issues faced with old pillows are structural issues. As they wear down, pillows lose the support they offer and virtually become useless. Replacing pillows frequently can prevent this issue.Another issue old pillows [...]

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