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Find a pillow with the right fill and size that may help neck and spine alignment. The right pillow helps you to get a better night’s sleep. Here are some pillow selection tools:

The right support is the medium or firm feel (the options are Soft, Medium and Firm) and not too thick. One that supports neutral alignment. Neutral alignment means that your head – naturally – is sitting on your shoulders without winding back too far or pushing too forward. Your sleep should reflect the same neutral alignment. Some studies show that the best sleeping position is the side position with a knee pillow between knees.


Best Sleeping Position

Side Sleeper: A Firm or Medium Pillow and a Boudoir or Throw Pillow between the knees – it supports the spine alignment.


Best Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers: A Medium Pillow – A Knee Pillow under your knees can help your lower back.


Fine Pillow for back sleepers

Stomach Sleepers: Candidly, your sleeping style is not suggested as it puts stress on your lower back, and it may create neck pain. Stomach sleepers may try a Soft  Pillow or a Body Pillow to give them a better night’s sleep.

Body Pillow or pregnancy pillow



Fine Pillow Sizes One Perfect Pillow




fine pillow arrangements


Note: The above recommendations should not replace any medical advice or personal experience. Please use the above as a guideline.

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