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    Firm Fine Pillow Best for Side Sleepers. Medium Fine Pillow Best for Back SleepersSoft Fine Pillow Best for Stomach Sleepers. Firm Fine Pillow Best for Side Sleepers

    Firm Fine Pillow Best for Side Sleepers

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    A higher-profile, loftier (thicker ) supple pillow-in-a-pillow infused with three types of highest quality hypoallergenic down alternative fibers. There’s no question that this pillow is a super upgrade to the less desirable polyester pillows you find stacked in hundreds in stores. This advance innovation makes the pillow a plush, moldable and cloud-like feel. The 100% cotton casing makes the pillow cool, breathable and comfortable. Select standard, queen, or king.

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    queen size sleeping fine pillow Back Neck Pillow

    Queen Size Sleeping Fine Pillow

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    An adjustable cloud feel pillow to allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of waking up rested and feeling great by replacing your exhausted pillows with this plush and luxury pillow. Our soft, medium, firm Queen pillows are perfect for a good night’s sleep.

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