How to Sleep Like a Baby, Rested and Peaceful

How to sleep like a baby, rested and peaceful

How to Sleep Like a Baby, Rested and Peaceful

How to sleep like a baby, rested and peaceful

1 in 3 Americans isn’t getting enough sleep, according to scientists. The reality is, our busy lives make it nearly impossible to get the amount of rest needed. From running to and from soccer, to the job site, and running errands, there seems to be little time just to take a time out.

Before all the stress and back and forth of daily life, we all slept like babies. No worries, we would fall asleep whenever we felt tired. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible for most of us as adults. You can, however, rest more by choosing the right sleeping pillows (the one that is right for your sleeping position) and following the expert guidance of sleep professionals.

James Maas, Ph.D., author of Sleep for Success and Power Sleep suggests, “When it comes to getting rest, adults should do things more like infants do. Adults are always trying to work both ends of the clock, staying up late, getting up early. They treat sleep as a luxury, and it is not. It’s a necessity and babies already know that.”

Here’s how you can sleep like a baby once again and restore the 8 hours of shut-eye you get each night.

How to sleep like a baby, rested and peacefulHere are some sleeping tips we should learn from infants:

  1. Disciplined sleep schedule

Like babies, keep your bedtime and wake up time on the routine schedule.

  1. Don’t sacrifice sleep

Make going to bed a priority and don’t over schedule yourself. Babies have a routine, and they stick to it (or parents stick to it!).

  1. Be active throughout the day

Babies are constantly moving and running around during the day. As a result, they are tired at night and ready to fall sleep. Be active and exercise during the day.

  1. Don’t eat or drink before bed

Babies don’t have a piece of chocolate or drink coffee before bed. So, don’t drink alcohol or coffee and no heavy meals before going to bed. Eat at least three hours before bed.

  1. Find your ritual before bed

Most parents give their babies a bath, read for them or sing a song. Find your ritual like take a shower before bed, read a book or play a smooth jazz while in bed.

Babies got it right. When we grow up, we tend to depart from a healthy and energizing routine. Make sure to make baby steps into a new restful and peaceful sleep.



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