How often you should change your pillow

How often you should change your pillow

How often you should change your pillow

The average people keep their pillow for more than three years before replacing it. An additional 50 percent don’t replace their pillow until they notice it starts to wear down.

Should you replace your pillows twice a year?

Keeping a pillow for too long presents health risks. The Sleep to Live Institute in America recommends that you replace your pillow every six months, while the Sleep Council UK recommends replacements every two years. However, both of these options seem to be a bit aggressive. Replacing your pillow twice a year is undoubtedly overkill while waiting out two years can pose inherent risks to your health.

How often should you wash your pillow?

The question, therefore, remains: how often should you change your pillow out? If you want to avoid dust mites, dirt and grime, and neck pain and shoulder pain, then you need to know exactly how long to wait before you change your pillow. Consider the following information to make sure you can sleep safe and sound.

  • Wash and completely dry your pillow every three months
  • Replace your washed and dried pillow every two years
  • If you never washed and dried your pillow, replace it after one year

How often you should change your pillow

Make sure that your pillow is washable to reduce dust mites and fungal spores. Some foam pillows may hold onto water, if washed, that could help the growth of fungus.

Pillow Test

Fold your pillow in half, and if it doesn’t spring back immediately, you have a dead pillow, and it’s time to find a new one. As “Pillows are an important area of the sleep sanctuary,” says Rebecca S. Robbins, a sleep researcher at Cornell University. “Our pillows, just like our mattresses, accumulate dust mites. Therefore, it’s important to replace your pillows frequently.” Invest in your health and follow the above guidelines.

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