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Please find frequently asked questions (FAQ) on this page. If your questions is not answered here, please contact us via Contact Us page or call 1.888.684.1107. We will answer your questions promptly.

We have provided a guideline Select Your Pillow for your convenience. Please refer to this page.

We have found the perfect DNA. A combination of high quality fibers engineered to give you soft, breathable, and supportive pillow. A pillow that emulates highest quality down pillows, without the allergies and keeps the fluffiness.

No, we NEVER resell our returned pillows. They will be recycled.

Yes. Fine Pillow is soft, moldable and cuddly. Shaped to your head, neck, and shoulder for comfort and support.

Yes. Using an additional pillowcase makes the pillow more durable and clean. We highly recommend it.

We recommend to wash and dry Fine Pillows every six – nine months. This will keep the pillow fresh, fluffy and clean.

We recommend to machine wash your pillows with Laundromat big commercial washers. Use non-bleach mild detergent and extra rinse cycle. Dry it on a low setting: This will take many hours. Toss it in with a couple tennis balls to get it fluffy. Make sure there are no lumps, and it’s completely fluffy and dry.

We do not have any warranty at this time. We may review our guarantee policy in January 2018.

Our Synthetic Fiber pillows are made to mirror the texture of high-end down pillows without the allergies or a high price tag.

Sure. Like a very high-end down pillow, repeat these quick daily fluff:

  1. Hold the end of each pillow with both hands. Push the ends of the pillow in-and-out
  2. Hit the pillows. Fluff them by hitting the sides at the same time with your fists
  3. Squeeze the pillows. Hold the pillow at the top. Make sure the pillow is going up and down

Fine Pillows are made here in California. A proud U.S. made pillow company.

If you don’t love your Fine Pillow, you may return it within 60 days. However, we accept the returns after 14 days of trial. We believe it may take around 14 days to conform to your Fine Pillow.

Based on our research, we found that the 200 – 200 TC is the best for making the pillow breathable. This may help less perspiration, and as a result less moisture in your pillow.

Our high qulaity pillows last long if well cared for. See Care Instructions for more information.

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