Care and Cleaning Instructions


The Inserts:

  • The inserts can be machine washed. Use Laundromat big commercial washers.
  • Use non-bleach mild detergent and extra rinse cycle.
  • Dry it on a low setting: This will take many hours. Toss it in with a couple tennis balls to get it fluffy. Make sure there are no lumps, and it’s completely fluffy and dry.

Pillow Protective Cover:

  • Pillow cover is washable.
  • Machine wash warm, no chlorinated detergents.
  • Low heat tumble dry, remove before completely dried or it will be baked!
  • No Chemical Antimicrobial Treatment.

Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning Fine Pillows

Sleep comfortably with Fine Pillow Sleeping Bed Pillows!

Daily Care

Like any high-end down pillow, fluff your pillows daily:

  1. Hold the end of each pillow with both hands. Push the ends of the pillow in-and-out
  2. Hit the pillows. Fluff them by hitting the sides at the same time with your fists
  3. Squeeze the pillows. Hold the pillow at the top. Make sure the pillow is going up and down

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