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An Exclusive Finer Than Down Design

Looking for a perfect pillow that feels just right while you are shopping in stores? Well, a touch or a squeeze only tells you so much. Try a Fine Pillow for two weeks to find out if it is truly the right one! That is why we engineered a perfect sleeping pillow by considering three distinct vital factors: sleeping positions, inside/outside of the pillow, caring/cleaning.

Sleeping Position:

Your Fine Pillow is designed for the side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers. Find your dominant sleeping position – the position you most comfortable.

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Standard Sleeping Pillows

From $44.19



The inner chamber is filled with hundreds of millions of soft and pliable fibers to give an adaptive, and cloud-feel comfort that responds to your sleeping position.

The outer chamber is filled with millions of hair-like fibers to provide you with an extra plush and padded comfort.

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Queen Sleeping Pillows

From $50.99


Caring and Cleaning:

Your Fine Pillow is engineered that you can launder it at least every nine months. Wash the pillows with warm water on the gentle cycle, machine-dry on low heat, and pop a couple of tennis balls to fluff them as new.

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King Sleeping Pillows

From $67.14


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    King Size Sleeping Pillow best pillow for the neck

    King Size Sleeping Fine Pillow

    4.89 out of 5

    Transform your bed into a heavenly relaxed place with this pillow. A comfortable and supportive pillow that keeps you cool all night.

    $79.99$94.99 $67.14$80.74
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    queen size sleeping fine pillow Back Neck Pillow

    Queen Size Sleeping Fine Pillow

    5.00 out of 5

    An adjustable cloud feel pillow to allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of waking up rested and feeling great by replacing your exhausted pillows with this plush and luxury pillow. Our soft, medium, firm Queen pillows are perfect for a good night’s sleep.

    $59.99$72.99 $50.99$62.04
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    Standard Size Sleeping Fine Pillow Supportive Neck Pillow

    Standard Sleeping Fine Pillow

    4.97 out of 5

    A beautiful traditional pillow made with today’s technology to adapt to the shape of your head and shoulders. This pillow helps to protect the neutral alignment. No more bunching up, folding in half, and flipping your pillow. You can now own that five diamond resort pillow and enjoy a night of lovely dreams. A FREE pillowcase will be added to your shipment.

    $51.99$64.99 $44.19$55.24

Fine Pillow Reviews

5 star finepillows best sleeping pillowsSoft, Fluffy, Supportive

These are by far the best pillows I’ve ever purchased. I have had constant neck issues with every pillow but these. They are soft and fluffy but still hold the support of your head without going flat. I absolutely love them!!!!

Tracie K.

5 star finepillows best sleeping pillowsBest Side Sleeper Ever

I have tried using the bamboo pillow and other very expensive pillows. I have a problem sleeping. But from the first night I used the Fine Pillow I have slept! My neck doesn’t hurt and it’s the best side sleeper I’ve ever used. Thank you so much for making these wonderful pillows.

Cathy B.

5 star finepillows best sleeping pillowsJust what I wanted

I carefully considered many pillows before purchasing my Fine Pillow. This pillow is just what I was hoping for…firm but not too firm and oh so comfortable. Now, my wife wants one just like mine!

Thomas Q.

5 star finepillows best sleeping pillowsVery Comfortable Pillow

I bought 2 of these pillows. One for myself & 1 for my husband. We both are very satisfied! Great pillow, very comfortable & supports your neck. Anyone who suffers from a pinched nerve or neck pain this is the pillow!!


Leigh D.

Free pillowcase from your best sleeping pillow maker